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How to use the DataHub

Allows more autonomy in importing your data sources to Reelevant.

The DataHub platform allows you to easily, autonomously, and quickly import product feeds, location files (stores, agencies, points of sale, etc.), and general data sources (customer data and other files not related to products or location data).

It can be found in the menu on the left side of the platform.

The nomenclature of the DataHub

You will then be redirected to

On the home page of the platform, you will find all the information concerning your data flows, in the form of a list.

Once on the platform, you can import your sources by clicking “Browse catalog”.

First step on the DataHub

Once your data sources have been imported, they are all grouped together on the platform’s main page so that you can easily find and edit them if necessary.

At the top of the page, there is a search bar where you can quickly search for your data sources by name.

Also, if you don’t know the name of the source you are looking for, the “Type” field above the list allows you to find a source by filtering the column by type.

This column shows you all the names of your imported or currently imported data sources. Under the name of your data source, in gray, the type of feed : a generic data source, a product data source, a location data source.

Last data update

The “Last data update” column shows the date and time when the data source was last updated on the platform.

Last modification

The “Last modification” field is the last time you edited the fields in your feed.


The “Status” column will let you know the status of your feed’s import, as well as the status of updates to your sources. This column will alert you if there are any problems. You will see either a green dot (meaning that the import was successful or that there is no update problem) or orange and/or red dots with a “Warning” icon next to them (meaning that the import or update was not successful).